Company Intradecom is an exporter of frozen
      vegetables,    fruit,   berries   and   mushrooms
                to Eastern Europe countries  and  
                             European  Union.

         Our   multinational   team   is   always   willing   to   help   you   out  with  finding  of   requested   products 
         in  Poland,  Serbia,  Belgium,  China  and  other  countries.

         Based  on  our practice and  experience  of  the  last  8  years,  Intradecom  is  able  to  offer  the client the
         comprehensive  services:

               - purchase of the raw crop from the farmers,

               - deep freezing process control,

               - product sorting as per specification,

               - product packing for retail and wholesale.


          Company Intradecom provides the full range of logistics services:

               - storage of goods and frozen products (up to 2000 tons),

               - delivery of commodities by means of transport (refrigerator road trailer and

                 sea container) to Eastern Europe countries – Belarus, Russian Federation,


               - customs services.



           Our  professional  approach  to  business  and  pure  interest  in  every  potential  customer helps to deliver
           the  bilateral  benefit  and  satisfaction.                                                                                           Copyright © 2016 INTRADECOM Sp. z o.o.. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone. All rights reserved.